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Outdoor 5G CPE IM720

Hocell 5G CPE IM720 (ODU) is a 5G & LTE outdoor wireless router based on Qualcomm X62, which supports 5G NR (SA&NSA), TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE. It’s designed with a SIM card slot and a GE LAN port of PoE, converting cellular network signals into wired network. IM720 is an ideal FWA solution for home & SMB, and MBB solution for outdoor industrial applications.



Hocell 5G CPE IM720 (ODU) is a 5G & LTE outdoor wireless router based on Qualcomm X62, which supports 5G NR (SA&NSA), TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE. It’s designed with a SIM card slot and a GE LAN port of PoE, converting cellular network signals into wired network. With IP66 protection level and operating temperature from -20℃~+55℃, the device can support outdoor harsh environment. Designed with PoE, it eliminates the trouble for users to fetch electricity outdoors.


IM720 is an ideal wireless broadband access solution for home and SMB when 5G/LTE cellular signal outdoors is good but indoor signal is weak or not available. It can interconnect with a common Wi-Fi router (IDU) to provide indoor Wi-Fi coverage and Ethernet ports for various devices.


IM720 is also suitable for outdoor scenarios that require rapid deployment of broadband network, such as express cabinets, outdoor cameras, outdoor ultra-high-definition video transmission, mobile healthcare, mobile live broadcasting, industrial IoT, robotics, smart agriculture, and traffic command.



Key Features



Application Scenarios


For Home and  Commercial Use 

When indoor 5G signal is weak or not available, deploy an outdoor 5G CPE and use an IDU for indoor coverage. 

For Industrial Use

Suitable for outdoor scenarios that require rapid deployment of broadband networks, such as outdoor cameras, outdoor HD video live streaming, mobile healthcare, industrial IoT, robotics, smart agriculture, and traffic command.