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5G Cell Signal Boosters

Cell signal booster is also known as cellular signal amplifier, cell phone signal amplifier, or cellular repeater. Hocell is leading in supplying 5G NR & 4G LTE dual-mode cellular signal amplifiers with adapted frequency bands for global customers.

Models of Hocell 5G Cell Signal Boosters


Hocell 5G cell signal boosters provide a simple, rapidly-deployed and low-cost solution to extend 5G&4G signals to closed blind areas or weak coverage areas. We have three models of cellular repeaters mainly differentiated by the output RF power, and each model could be customized with different 5G NR and 4G LTE frequency bands to support telecom operator's network in different countries. 


Note: 5GRP HOME+ and 5GRP PRO are estimated to be released in November 2020, and the appearance is subjected to change.


Key Features 


1. Self excitation detection and elimination function;

2. Unique LCD to indicate  the working state of the equipment in real time;

3. Application and installation are simple and convenient;

4. Optional remote monitoring function, supporting local computer online;


Installation Diagram


Hocell cellular repeater consists of four parts: donor antenna, indoor coverage unit, inside antenna and feeder. The donor antenna receives the wireless signal from outdoor base station and connects to the indoor coverage unit through the feeder. The coverage unit amplifies the 5G/4G signals and provides wireless coverage through indoor antennas for personal terminals and IOT devices. 


Figure 1: Installation diagram of 5GRP HOME


Figure 2: Installation diagram of 5GRP HOME+


Figure 3: Installation diagram of 5GRP PRO


Frequency Bands Supported



5G NR Frequency Bands

4G LTE Frequency Bands








N78 (3300MHz-3800MHz),

N77 (3300MHz-4200MHz),

N41 (2496MHz-2690MHz),

N38 (2570MHz-2620MHz),

N7 (UL: 2500MHz-2570MHz, DL: 2620MHz-2690MHz)

B1 (2100), B2 (1900 PCS),

B3 (1800+), B4 (1700),

B7 (2600), B25 (1900+),

B8 (900), B19 (800),

B20 (800), B28 (700),

B38 (2600), B40 (2300)



Note: Other frequencies that are not listed above might be customized according to customers’ requirements after discussion.

To know whether Hocell 5G cell signal boosters could be used in your countries, please refer to the article: Which Countries Can Hocell 5G Cell Signal Boosters be Used in?




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