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Antenna Alignment Inspection System Based on Drone

Antenna alignment audit has never been so easy! Now with our innovative tool based on drone and AI technology, the inspection of telecom operators' antenna alignment could be completed in minutes for each site, without having to climb up to the tower. Antenna height, latitude and longitude, direction and downtilt are tested automatically with a test report generated.




New technologies represented by artificial intelligence, big data, robots, drones, etc. are reshaping all walks of life, changing the cost structure, manpower needs, production efficiency and even business models of companies and organizations in industries. In the field of wireless communication, antenna alignment inspection is a requisite for base station delivery and acceptance. With traditional working methods, it often requires experienced tower workers to climb the tower for testing, acceptance, troubleshooting and inspection. Not only is the efficiency very low and the cost is high, it also poses challenges to limited human resources and personnel safety. For places that are difficult to reach manually, such as mountain stations, efficiency and safety issues are more serious.


In response to the above problems, we have developed an antenna alignment inspection system based on drone and AI technology, which can complete antenna alignment audit of telecom operators' wireless base stations in minutes for each site, without having to climb up to the tower. Antenna height, latitude and longitude, azimuth, downtilt are tested automatically with a test report generated. Panoramic photos and videos of the tower sites are also taken by the drone and saved to the report. 


The innovative tool is ideal for telecom operators, communication equipment manufacturers, subcontractors, operation and maintenance service providers and other customers in wireless communication field as well as customers in private network. 


System Architecture


The system consists of a drone, an artificial intelligence analysis and data management cloud platform, and an APP.


System Functions





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