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IMSI Catcher Based on Fixed Wing VTOL UAV

The IMSI Catcher (IMSIXF8 series) is a cellular signal intelligence solution based on a gasoline electric hybrid VTOL fixed-wing UAV, being able to search, track and locate mobile phones by identifying their IMSI & IMEI numbers. The entire airborne IMSI Catcher system can operate continuously for 7 hours, covering a distance of 1000km and a radius of up to 200km. It's an ideal solution for search and rescue operations, law enforcement surveillance, and border patrol across expansive areas.



The IMSI Catcher (IMSIXF8 series) is a cellular signal intelligence solution based on a gasoline electric hybrid VTOL fixed-wing UAV, being able to search, track and locate mobile phones by identifying their IMSI & IMEI numbers. It supports GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), LTE (4G), and 5G1 telecommunication standards, boasting eight radio channels with high power to simultaneously detect multiple networks from heights of up to 2500 meters2.


The VTOL fixed-wing UAV adopts a multi-redundancy design to ensure exceptional reliability. With a maximum endurance of 10 hours and a payload capacity of up to 40kg, it serves as a robust platform for various payload options.


Designed as a payload of the UAV, the IMSI Catcher (IMSIXF8 series) integrates its power and data transmission system. The entire airborne IMSI Catcher system, paired with a zooming infrared EO pod, can operate continuously for up to 7 hours, covering a distance of 1000km within a 200km radius3. The EO pod integrates a 30x optical zoom camera, a long-wave infrared sensor, and a laser rangefinder (LRF), offering effective target detection, recognition, ranging, and tracking capabilities.


All detected IMSI numbers are tagged with GPS/BDS and date/time stamps, and could be exported for post mission analysis. The software (APP) operates independently on an industrial android tablet, offering an intuitive interface displaying maps, images, videos, mission settings, and IMSI search results on a single screen, optimizing the operator experience.


1. 5G availability is contingent upon customer requirements.

2. Actual height may vary based on environmental conditions, obstacles, surrounding cellular network signals, and other factors.

3. A 200km radius is achievable when satcom datalink is configured. When utilizing common wireless datalink, the maximum mission radius can range between 50km or 100km.









  • Search and Rescue




  • Law Enforcement Surveillance


Help law enforcement officers to detect cell phones and locate suspects. Searching from the air, the system can ensure very high success rate by minimizing RF propagation loss in the air and penetration loss through obstacles. With great mobility and long endurance, it could efficiently search targets in a large area. The system is applicable to law enforcement agencies and security departments such as police and military.



  • Border Patrol


The airborne IMSI Catcher system operates continuously for up to 7 hours, effectively covering a 1000km distance within a 200km radius3. Border lines often traverse wilderness, mountainous, or desert regions, posing challenges for human patrols and manned vehicles. The airborne IMSI Catcher system offers a highly adaptive and efficient solution for border patrol in such terrains.