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Vehicle-Mounted IMSI Catcher

The Hocell Vehicle-Mounted IMSI Catcher (IMSIV50 series) is a cellular signal intelligence solution designed for both stationary and onboard use. It can search and locate cell phones by identifying their IMSI and IMEI numbers. With multiple SDR radios and frequency bands, it efficiently detects mobile terminals across 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks from different service providers. Each radio can output up to 50W of RF power, enabling detection at distances exceeding 1000 meters.



The Hocell Vehicle-Mounted IMSI Catcher (IMSIV50 series) is a cellular signal intelligence solution designed for both stationary and onboard use. It can locate cell phones by identifying their IMSI (Individual Mobile Subscriber Identity) and IMEI* numbers. The system includes the main IMSI Catcher equipment, power supply unit, charging management unit, antennas, and a direction-finding device.


It operates on custom cellular bands within the 600MHz to 4.2GHz frequency range, supporting network protocols including 2G, 3G, FDD&TDD LTE, 5G NSA & SA. With multiple SDR radios and frequency bands, it efficiently detects mobile terminals across various network standards from different service providers. Each radio can output up to 50W of RF power, enabling detection at distances exceeding 1000 meters*.


This system is typically utilized for long-distance target searches in both urban and open areas. It’s suitable for law enforcement agencies and security departments, including police, military, and border patrol. It can also be used for search and rescue in urban, rural and open areas by government agencies of emergency management such as earthquake and fire departments, office of civil defense, search and rescue association, or other SAR units.








1. Supports network standards: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA & SA, FDD and TDD.

2. Captures IMSI and IMEI information of mobile terminals.

3. Supports up to 12 SDR radios and 15 frequency bands, RF power per band is up to 50W/band and adjustable.

4. Supports any cellular bands in the 600MHz – 4.2GHz frequency range.

5. Data collection of 12,000 terminals /minute, detection range exceeding 1000 meters*.

6. Allows for easy switching between detection mode (search & locate) and control mode (intelligent jamming).

7. Blacklist and whitelist are supported. An alarm is generated when a blacklist number is detected.

8. Automatic frequency scanning and configuration, no manual setting is required.

9. Detected mobile phones could be sorted on the APP based on their signal strength, providing clear proximity information. 10. Positioning accuracy is <1m.

11. Powered by an external DC or AC power source. A built-in battery supports 3 hours of operation.

12. Enables data analysis by comparing IMSI and IMEI numbers collected at different times and locations, identifying links between places and the movements of one or multiple targets.

13. Omnidirectional and directional antennas are provided for high flexibility.

14. Real-time data transmission to a back-end software platform through wired or wireless network.

15. Local debugging and data access through Wi-Fi or a wired network.

16. Supports local and remote settings, queries, and alarm functions.

17. Features local data storage and backup capabilities.

18. Can be deployed in a stationary or on-vehicle configuration.






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