Drone-based RF Interference Hunting and Emitter Location Solution

Solution Introduction



Radio frequency interference is a problem frequently encountered during the operation of telecom operators' wireless networks, industrial private networks, broadcast communication networks, weather radar stations and so on. The radio interference might affect user experience, or lead to communication failure. For telecom operators, this could result in revenue loss of user voice and data traffic, decline in user satisfaction or even loss of subscribers. Therefore, how to detect and identify potential RF interference through spectrum clearance test before network design and construction, and to quickly and accurately find RF interference source during network operation period is very important.

The traditional method of hunting for radio frequency interference is to conduct a drive test or use a portable scanner to perform fixed-point measurement. This method is more suitable for scenarios where buildings are neatly planned, roads are spacious, and vehicles can pass. For urban high-rise residential or apartment areas, and dense urban village districts, the RF interference hunting is of very low efficiency, and usually it is almost impossible to effectively locate the interference source. In this case, the drone-based aerial RF interference locating solution comes to be an ideal choice. It can automatically do spectrum scan among tall buildings layer by layer, or scan from the sky above the rooftops of dense urban villages, which would be much more efficient to help locate interference sources.



Automated Cruise Path of Drone-based RF Interference Finder


Set drone missions through flight control software; conduct automatic cruise to collect spectrum data at various height and radius ranges; analyzes geographic-based radio energy thermal distribution diagram and locates the interference with software; mark the maximum value of the interference signal with color rendering on the map.



Process of RF Interference Hunting with Drone-based System



Application Scenarios



The solution is ideal for spectrum clearance tests of telecom operators during network planning phase, and radio interference hunting during the processes of network maintenance and optimization. It is suitable for spectrum scan of various network standards including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G; It’s also suitable for radio frequency interference hunting by the departments of military, police, government, radio and television, weather radar and other industries.





Automatic cruise for spectrum scanning     Locate interference source where traditional method is difficult (high-rise building areas, high dense urban village districts, mountain areas    Highly efficient




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