Drone-based Tower and Antenna Asset Inspection Solution


Solution Introduction



Tower resources are the core assets of tower operators and telecom operators. Due to historical reasons, there are problems such as inaccurate inventory and spare resource data, and untimely updating, which restricts the rapid utilization and revitalization of spare tower space resources.

Asset inspection and safety inspection are indispensable tasks in the operation of large number of tower resources. Traditional inspection methods require technicians to climb up to the tower. The efficiency is extremely low, the safety risk is high, and the cost continues to rise, especially for tall tower stations and mountain stations. For the rooftop station, the overall inspection efficiency is low due to the need to coordinate and access to the property.
Factors such as crustal movement, severe weather, aging and oxidation, deliberate theft and destruction, etc., will bring safety hazards to the tower, and in severe cases may cause the tower to tilt or even collapse. Therefore, how to identify potential safety hazards of tower resources is of great importance.

The problems above could be effectively solved with Hocell drone-based tower and antenna asset inspection solution. It combines components and technologies including drone, spectrum analyzer, AI analysis, cloud data management platform and APP. As a result, it can automatically measure base station antenna frequency bands and ownership, antenna number and height, antenna attitude, idle poles and other asset data; and identify towers’ potential safety hazards such as rust and tower tilt. Furthermore, asset inspection and safety inspection reports are automatically generated, and panoramic photos and videos of the tower station are saved.



Solution innovation

  • Work mode innovation: Drone is used to replace traditional manual inspection method.
  • Measurement method innovation: AI technology measurement based on image recognition replaces traditional handheld tool measurement; Drone and spectrum analyzer are integrated to automatically measure antenna frequencies and operator ownership.
  • Data management innovation: Automatic data transmission replaces the traditional hand-written entry.


Application Scenarios



Applicable to the tower resource inspection and safety inspection for tower and telecom operators, including the frequency bands identification of various base station antennas such as 2G/3G/4G/5G, and operator ownership measurement. Applicable to the antenna attitude measurement and acceptance after site delivery, and the accuracy verification of the antenna database; It can also be applied to data collection of network planning at the initial stage of network construction.



Solution Highlights







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