Family Level Indoor 5G Wireless Coverage Solution

Solution Introduction



5G wireless network mainly adopts Sub-6GHz and millimeter wave (mmWave) frequency bands. Due to the high frequency and significant radio transmission loss, the radio of outdoor macrocell can hardly penetrate into indoor areas. Another way to provide indoor 5G coverage is using picocell, but the cost is much higher and the construction time is way longer. Hocell 5G cellular signal repeater (also known as mobile phone signal amplifier, or cellular signal booster) is a dual-band radio signal amplifier which provides a simple, low-cost and easy-to-deploy indoor 5G&4G coverage solution.

The signal repeater comprises three parts: a donor antenna, an indoor coverage unit and a feeder cable. The donor antenna receives the signal from outdoor base stations, and the indoor coverage unit which is connected to the antenna through a feeder provides 5G&4G wireless coverage indoor after amplifying the signals.



Application Scenarios



The solution is suitable for indoor open spaces ranging from 100-150 square meters, such as shops, small offices, houses, leisure and entertainment rooms, underground or semi-underground spaces, etc.



Solution Highlights



Fast deployment          Low cost          Simple




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